Melissa Zehner

Melissa Zehner

I’ve been a writer since I learned the alphabet. Although I eventually traded my crayons for keyboards, I never outgrew my dream.

I wrote book reports for extra credit in fourth grade and received a Writing Excellence Award in fifth grade. I graduated to structured poetry in junior high, then free verse poetry as a teenager. My writing picked up momentum in college, where I developed a knack for avoiding anything that required Scantrons and only enrolling in classes that let me write papers for credit.

Flash forward several years and, well, it’s safe to say that I’ve written just about everything but a novel. Websites, email nurture campaigns, landing pages, ad copy, videos – I’ve penned them all. And, like any writer worth her salt in the age of technology, I’ve written more blog posts than I can count (I stopped counting at 300).

I’ve also:

  • Founded Mooslet, the stellar writing services site you’re on right now
  • Founded Live Your Verb, a personal development blog
  • Written a viral LinkedIn Pulse post
  • Been published three times in Content Marketing Magazine
  • Ghostwritten eight ebooks

I feel blessed each day that I’m fortunate enough to make a living at something I love. While other people are dragging their feet on Monday morning, I’m geeking out on another content marketing strategy or blog post. It’s a nerdy way to roll through life, but it’s my preferred route.

When I’m not writing, I tinker in WordPress, read, cook, and go on adventures with Spencer the SuperPup.